Thursday, June 18, 2009

moly40 pages

moly40 pages
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Here are my pages....they are a bit 'stiffer than I had hoped, but i will loosen up a bit as we get into book will be in the post to you this weekend... :-)


Lynne said...

Hi Deb, I have added this through the blog this button, and if you click on the image you will see it takes you straight to the flickr there you go, 2 ways to blog your pics, one a bit more private than the other......have a good weekend :-)

fauve gal said...

Holy Moly Lynne,that's gorgeous!!!
I wouldn't call it stiff at all,the faces are beautiful and the colours and shapes flow rhythmically across the pages.

Well you've certainly given me something to think about.I flipped through a book of these young Japanese crazy dressers, last time I was in Sydney,but that was my first awareness of them.I'll have to do some research.Wow!