Sunday, June 14, 2009

Washi paper

I ordered some washi paper and it has arrived! It is the first I have ever touched.....its a little thicker than I thought it would be, and a lovely feel. I think that the moleskines will be quite thick at the end of their travels and a real riot of colour.
I will have to experiment a little before I stick any in my book, and I think the way for me to go is collage for the faces, as painting on this paper may be challenging......but whatever happens its going to be fun!
I will make a start on my front pages this week, we don't actually need a sign in page I suppose, so I will use those pages as a chance to experiment............
Hope you have a good week 


Lynne said...

Hi Deb....I have been playing with the header of our blog, have a look see, and have a play around too if you fancy :-)
I am sitting looking at my book not knowing where to begin ( hence the displacement activity :-) ) but I am going to go for in a minute, after I have had a coffee.... :-)

fauve gal said...

Wow Lynne the header's fantastic I LOVE it!!! How did you make it?

Your first post galvanised me yesterday and I stuck washi and juzen papers onto 6 pages,3 for me,3 for you.I'll leave the cover and title pages till later,need to think about them.Well..we've begun!

Lynne said...

a bit of cut and paste in photoshop , we can alter it again later when there is more of our work in our books, so glad you like it :-)