Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi Deb, your book has arrived safely.... I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to have the chance to make my final entries in your moly, it felt very strange having mine home and finished and yours still unfinished....
Thank you for the Diary / art journal.... I must admit I know nothing about Australian artists, they are just not taught here I guess.....I love the colour and energy and variety of the work in the journal, thanks so much for sending it :-)
I will get on to my autumn and winter pages sometime soon, we certainlty have enough icy chilly weather around to inspire the winter pages at the moment!

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fauve gal said...

Oh I'm glad it arrived-the post was pretty speedy.also glad the sunshine in the Austalian paintings pleases you.I've been working,so haven't been on flickr for a couple of weeks,have been curious about your wintry weather,keep hearing bad reports,No doubt will have to wade through hundreds of snowdrift pics when I log on again :)
Yes the winter pages are much better in your hands atm than mine-we've had a long run,weeks now, of temps in the mid to high thirties-am so over summer!