Friday, February 5, 2010


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Ok, well I found I had a little time yesterday after all ( a cancelled appointment always a bonus for moly time :-) ) , here is winter, a much prettier winter than the grey overcast damp thing we are having.

Well that is my last entry, and this little book will be coming home to you for the final has been fun, I am glad that you finally joined the moly exchange world and hope that if you join in any other exchanges you think of me :-)


fauve gal said...

Well Lynne,that is some finale,what a way to bow out-it's so beautiful!
You've excelled yourself yet again :)
I'm so pleased with the spare, elegant tree branches and swirling flutters of snow,as I have a very similar image in my mind for my final pages on the same paper and so it will be easy for me to follow on and conclude the book.

Well,it's been a wonderful journey,I thank you for introducing me to Moly x change.
As for joining other exchanges,perhaps not this year,but further down the track-who knows?
Of course,you'll be the first cab off the rank,if I do :)

Lynne said...

I am glad that you like these pages....the paper was always a challenge and I enjoyed working on it all. The winter paper is so complete in itself it really only needed a very stark image, so it sort of drew itself..... I will look forward to seeing how you finish your book.

There are some new japanese fold moleskine on the market now, large size, which I have ordered of course, but as an exchange they would be costly to post, but perfect for your wonderful water / reflection work, and you have inspired me to do something different in my molys, just not sure what yet :-)
Thanks so much for sharing this exchange, and for filling me with enthusiasm when I was getting a little depressed with the progress of my other books, it was a great experience, have a great artistic year, and I will keep an eye out for your final addition,
Cheers :-)

Lynne said...

Right, I have finally said my goodbyes and put your book in the post today....parting is such sweet sorrow :-)

It should be with you in a week or so.....

fauve gal said...

This bl..dy blog keeps locking me out!

Lynne said...

but I can see you !

fauve gal said...

Try again!I just typed 1/2 a page and it wouldn't publish the comment,but deleted the lot,now it lets me on-honestly!
That's the only annoying thing about the moly-exchange-trying to remember my password and trying to get into the blog,losing comments and having to remember what I wrote, to do it again,honestly,it really puts me off wanting to do another exchange.
There..I've blown my top-take no notice,it's my own fault that I'm a techno-illiterate.

Now ,where was I ?
The book's back home,it's so fab to see your autumn and winter entries in the flesh:)
Also thanks for the snow pics-chuckle-I want a gnome,didn't realise what our home had been missing for all these years!
And the map book-I couldn't find your town in it,but did spot King Lynne and many other place names that have been transported to Australia by our unoriginal, or perhaps just homesick,forebears.Fun! I'm tempted to draw in it.

And last but not least,The Sounds Of Rain!If I ever have trouble sleeping ....I'll know what to put on!
I'd like to conduct an experiment and play a few seconds of it to our dog Mocha, who is afraid of storms and thunder.I always assumed it was the drop in atmospheric pressure that sends her scuttling inside to hide,long before we are aware of an approaching storm.But perhaps her sensitive hearing picks up the sound of thunder long b4 we do and that's what triggers her fear.Then again,I don't want to frighten my baby,so maybe not!

Anyway Lynne,thanks again for all the beautiful trees!
I'll draw my final winter pages,then post the pic on my site-can't guarantee I'll be able to do it here. Bye4 for now :)

fauve gal said...

PS I thought I'd responded to your previous comment,but must have written in your flickrsite,not here.
Those bigger concertina molys are very enticing!I did find the smaller size challenging,just a bit more height would make all the difference to the freedom of drawing and expression.
If we don't have to blog-or at least if I don't have to,I'd be quite interested in doing another exchange with you in the larger format and yes,a reflections theme could be fun!

Lynne said...

ahhh the rain is what I listen to whenever we have a heat wave dogs don't take any notice of the sound, I think you are right its the atmospheric pressure.

the large molys are a great size, but they will cost you more than double to post I bet......
I think that I will give the exchange lark a little rest for a while and concentrate on getting back to my own work, I have been a little too seduced by flickr and have neglected my painting etc, and at the moment I am having fun with my new ( not a moleskine) sketchbook, I will see how long that keeps my interest, but come the summer and when the sun shines I may feel differently.
The map book is for drawing in, have to bed now, just as you are getting on with your day :-)

fauve gal said...

That's cool beacause I wasn't planning on starting one anytime soon.I've also got a lot of painting underway atm.
But when winter returns and it's too cold to paint outside,it could be nice to snuggle up with a concertina moly again!

Happy painting Lynne and Nitey Nite!