Saturday, July 4, 2009

Match made in heaven.

Thank you so much for taking this initiative. Thank you for sharing your exchange here at moly_x. Your books are breathtaking. I think more people should do 2-3 person exchanges. I am going to encourage this to fill other failed groups.

Absolutely beautiful collaboration.


fauve gal said...

Thanks Marty! It was pure cowardice on my part to do a one on one exchange,as it was my first exchange and Lynne is so nice,I didn't think she'd beat me up if I stuffed it up :)

ksklein said...

This is a beautiful exchange. Just wonderful.
I´m in 4 groups and almost all of them are crumbling due to one or two persons. So the next time I´ll be definitely only joining smaller groups.

Lynne said...

I must admit it was depression about how so many of my exchanges were not working, or so slow that the 'energy' had gone out of them that made me want to do such a small exchange. we can decide between ourselves the pace we want to work at, change rules without upsetting a number of people, and actually have some sort of communication going on our blog far so good :-) And of course I wanted to get an exchange with Deb the minute she even hinted she might be interested..... hahaha

ksklein said...

I can so relate. There are weeks/months when I don´t see any moly and ten suddenly I have 6 or 7 at one time. Tat leads to the problem that I get late too. No big groups for me anymore.