Thursday, August 20, 2009

weeping willow

its raining, I am at home with a poorly dog and a friend has cancelled our date I finished my entry...the paper seemed to have more pattern in it than any of the others, which it more difficult to 'fight' and working against my own entry was strange but i really enjoyed the challenge. I hope you like it. Summer Willows gently waving on river banks is what I was aiming for :-)


fauve gal said...

I've just seen this on flickr and as I said there,it's DIVINE!
It's so Japanese/Chinesy,I love the willow pattern blue and white trunk and the delicate willow branches take my breath away-you should have sick dogs(hope he's on the mend?)and cancelled appointments more often.
This is inspired!

Lynne said...

I am so glad you like it Deb :-)
I have just put it in the post to you, lets give a about 10 days as the weekend will probably interfere with its progress.....
Dog is sort of on the mend, expensive medications and special food will help ( fingers crossed ).

I am thinking that it was chocolate cake delirium that inspired this entry, way too sweet and eaten too late at night ( husband was away and it was calling me :-) ) so perhaps I should eat more cake?

fauve gal said...

Haha! If I eat anything sweet before going to bed,I have the weirdest dreams ,so chocolate cake 'delerium'could be quite apt!
As I'm having real trouble thinking up something to fill the page next to my Goth couple(before your pink cutie pies),perhaps I should indulge in some late night sugar?

Sorry it's taking so long to get your book back to you,but I'm stuck.(Also busy again in the daytime)I thought I had the right image but it just doesn't work with the paper,I need to rethink the whole thing.
Will let you know,when inspiration strikes.:)

fauve gal said...

PS-Glad your pooch is on the mend.

Lynne said... haven't had the book a long time at all.....and there is no rush, honestly! I am sorry if you feel pressured because I finished my pages quickly, but it was a sort of displacement activity doing them......I should be concentrating on my paintings for Sept but just can't get into gear :-(
take all the time you like....encourage your muse with sugar if you feel brave enough ( and warn the family , if you are anything like me its a rocky ride :-)) ) but please have fun, and if it means leaving it for a month then thats what it takes, we have done so well in this exchange, I would be sorry if you weren't having fun........

fauve gal said...

No probs-I must have galvanised my brain into action with that last post,as the lightbulb went on and I stayed up drawing,till the wee small hours-fuelled by an apricot/date/carob/coconut ball-you know,we may be on to something here,it's just a pity about the effect on our waistlines :)I'm off to town in a min for a one hour swim to delete the calories!

Anyway....of course I'm having fun,I was just thrown by the paper,now that I've conquered it,I feel twice as happy-so thanks for the challenge.The summer paper that I sent you, must have seemed daunting at first too and look what you did with that!!!

So if it's all too easy,the fun component of 'winning' wouldn't be as great.
My pages are almost finished,I have a friend coming over later today,so might be able to keep drawing while I chat-usually can't-I like peace and quiet while I work,so can't post it yet,soon 'tho.
Cheers for now, Deb :)