Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a spring /summer copse

I have gone for an interpretation of 'spring' as youth, so you have a copse of young trees in the summer, I am going to work on the rest of the pages in a few more days.....a busy month until the beginning of Sept so probably wont post much until then :-) sorry about the photo, I will get a better scan later


fauve gal said...

Oh Lynne,that's beautiful!Absolutely perfect use of the paper.
I can see you enjoyed using it,isn't it great how the flowrs appear through the trees?

Fab! No worries about doing the next few pages in a hurry,I'm pretty busy myself ,needed that week off, 'cos I knew it would be hectic when I got back.However, I have a few hours to myself today,so will try to do a harajuka boy to go with the goth couple.

I had real trouble adhering the drawing to the paper,had to use so much adbhesive spray that it affected the drawing,which looks a bit 'see through' now, a shame.I've been drawing on thin paper so that it doesn't fatten the book up too much,but might need sturdier stuff.

Lynne said...

Oh , please don't worry about 'bleed through' I kind of like it...part of the process, the patterns underlying etc....but I know that if it is not what you like it can be very frustrating. As for worrying about fattening the book up, well if it gets too fat I will let its seams out again :-)
I have made a start on the next pages (insomnia fueled by chocolate cake !!! )