Thursday, August 27, 2009

Well,I said there would be lots of hair!

Another pretty pink,blonde Harajuka lass and an antidote in the form of a hairy demon :) Hope you like them!


Lynne said...

love all the hair! and you are the queen of demons! I am so lucky, my book is much variety and style, this exchange has been good for me, I was getting depressed at the slow progress of my other exchanges.

I am a little sorry that this will be coming to an end soon, there arent many pages left now are there? What do you reckon, another session like this one , where we do two entries and then send them home?

It was my birthday on thursday and my husband booked theatre and hotel tickets, a lovely surprise...we went to see
war horse

hope the link wa amazing puppetry and of course has just fed my current obsession with horses a little bit more. while we were in london we did the potrait gallery and the V&A, stocked up on art materials too..and art books now I am exhausted ........
have a great weekend Deb and thank you again for your lovely work :-)

fauve gal said...

I'm so glad you like the hairy ones:)I was trying to think how long ago it was that I saw 'Hair',must have been in the 70's.
Your WarHorse play looked marvellous-incredible puppets!Happy birthday!
It sounds like you had quite a time,it also sounds like my kinda fun-art gallery,museum,show,art books and materials-heaven!Whenever I go to Sydney I work my way through a list like that and come back sated...until the next time :)

Re our exchange,yes,I'm a little sad to think that it will soon be coming to an end.I'm keen to try another exchange where I draw/paint directly onto the moleskine pages as you usually do,perhaps with the odd bit of collage.And not a bad idea to do 6-8 pages at a time,saves postage and speeds things up.
I'll post your moly off to you next week.Mine should be arriving from you, from England any day now,but I'll postpone starting on the autumn/winter pages until I order some new papers-I want to get some autumn leaves patterns for our excited about the final trees,have no idea what I'm going to draw,will get the papers first and let them inspire me.
Am also curious to see where you will go next with your Harajuka lads and lassies!

Lynne said...

Hi Deb, my book has few pages left...I will have to have a good think about my ( our) last additions....

fauve gal said...

Hi Lynne,good to hear from you,have been too busy for flicker for a few days.Am glad your book has made it safely back to you again.
The beautiful autumn paper that I ordered,arrived yesterday and I pasted it in for your entry and now,like you, need to think carefully about the final winter pages.If I get a chance,I'll post it off to you b4 the end of the week.Ciao 4 now :)