Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Although Spring started a few days ago,the trees that inspired this linocut,are still bare,so I have used it for my Autumn entry.


Lynne said...

this seasonal difference is so confusing.....we started our first days of autumn this week....leaves falling , temprature getting chilly and of course more rain.....I envy you the energizing influence of spring ( my favourite time of the year ).
have you put this entry next to your summer one? does that mean I get winter? I can't remember how many pages are left now...........

your linocuts are so lovely, and I can see a little bit of collage in this too....beautiful

fauve gal said...

Right now,we could be sharing seasons.It's been a grey, cold day,the spring buds are barely visible, so most branches are bare.(mind you, we had nearly expired last week, when we had record breaking 36 deg. temps at the end of winter!)
Hopefully, Spring will spring into action any day now and energize us properly:)

I'm waiting on Autumn Japanese paper that I have ordered for you and then will send the book back.I need time to think about winter,when we will each have 3 pages left, to finish the book.D :)