Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have worked out that you will have 6 pages in 2, 3 page slots with one entry from me in the middle......or you could have just one more entry of 4 you have a preference? that doesn't sound logical but its how it seems to have worked it out.... I can extend this image a little more so that we have just one four page entry each left to do.....and then that will be the end of my book ! wow!


fauve gal said...

Fantastic entry Lynne,love the spikiness,it's so sea urchiny,the net over the eyes and the expression-GREAT!

Now,in reply,perhaps if you just gave me three to four pages for one final entry,life gets increasingly busy as Spring and summer kick off.I had a lovely landscape drawing session down at the water, with a mate on Wed. and spent all day at another friend's place yesterday,lifedrawing-a bony bloke,interesting change from the curvy gals.The weekends are filling up and work has to be squeezed in somehow around all the fun :)
So I'll ease off the moly's for a few months I think.Perhaps....maybe...not quite sure how addicted I might already be :)

Lynne said...

OK then...four pages it is :-)

I keep forgetting how turned around we are, of course you are getting busier and out and about its Spring!! whereas I am hunkering down, checking the log supply and bulk buying lem-sips hahaha

yes, moly exchanges should have health warnings on them 'may become addictive' :-))

Lynne said...

I have to find her companion page image yet, and then this book will be on its last journey to Oz :-)