Thursday, February 4, 2010


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golds and reds for autumn, I am going to tackle the whites and silvers of winter soon.....when I feel warmed up a bit.
I hope that the heat is not too bad for you at the moment.....isn't it the time of year that you get fires out there??


fauve gal said...

Lynne this is awesome!
It's divine,you were inspired,I love it!
It's good to see a blue tree reappearing in the book again and the branches are heavenly,like a many armed Indian goddess.
Am thrilled to bits:)

fauve gal said...

PS re heat,yep January was a stinker,endless runs of days that approached the century,hid inside on the computer for weeks-just as well I had work to do.Now it's warm and humid-squelch!
No fires 'tho thankfully.
It'll be hard for me to imagine 'winter' when I get the book back to complete.

Lynne said...

ahhh yes, the blue tree just had to reappear, your blues are so inspiring, and it was such a gorgeous contrast with the autumn reds ....
I am such wuss about heat, 30 is soooooo hot I would hide and not come out at all, I hope that the rest of your summer / autumn is gorgeous and that you get some art / creative time to yourself.....its good for the soul :-)